Wendell Berry
No individual life is an end in itself. One can live fully only by participating fully in the succession of the generations, in death as well as in life. Some would say that we can live fully only by making ourselves answerable to the claims of eternity as to those of time.
For Tomorrow

Another time, another place.

One of mezcal’s greatest draws, it’s inherent rarity, is also one of its greatest vulnerabilities. The precious liquid in every bottle of Esfuerzo Mezcal requires an immense amount of time, natural energy, and human labor; a collective effort unmatched by most other spirit categories. 

Because of this, we are committed to the preservation of mezcal, not just as a spirit to sip but as an emblem of cultural identity and most importantly, a very real, lived, way of life. 

The cultural importance of this spirit and the time required for its materia prima to reach maturity are why we at Esfuerzo Mezcal, at a foundational level, are deeply committed to safeguarding this noble and historical way of life for generations to come.


On sustainability and preservation

We believe the best way forward is to follow the lead of those, whom for centuries, have continually cared for this land and these traditions. That said, the Esfuerzo Mezcal sustainability initiative relies on the leadership and cultural knowledge of the García Family in collaboration with a Oaxacan based organization, Aventureros del Mezcal, which promotes social responsibility within the mezcal industry, to guide us. Mezcal, being one of, if not the oldest distilled spirit, in the Americas has much to teach us, and we have no better way of learning than from the source, our friends in Oaxaca.
OUR Promise

Committed to transparency

Through our commitment to providing fair compensation, our investment in infrastructure, and our promise to the next generation, we believe that our artisan partners are able to take their work to new levels. We invite and encourage any of our patrons to visit the García family and discuss their relationship with their US partners. We believe in radical transparency and want what Artemio, Margarito, and their family believe is best. We hope our working relationship is built on both mutual respect and a kinship that goes beyond just “business”.

It is important to note that our work here will constantly be evolving and it is and should be open to feedback and criticism. This is a long term issue which will require long-term thinking. 

This is our promise to the people and to the land and it is a charge that we take seriously. This is how we are putting ideas into practice, here and now.


Sustainability initiative

At the heart of our work towards sustainability is a vigorous agave replanting program of both wild species and semi-cultivated varieties.
In correlation with Esfuerzo Mezcal’s first US commercial lot, we planted 1,500 Agave Espadin on the family land of Margarito and Temo and we will continue planting in proportion to the amount of mezcal produced.
Our efforts also include the interplanting of beneficial plants such as legumes to build soil fertility and native plants such as mesquite to aid in carbon sequestration.
We are in the process of establishing a vibrant, science forward, on-site nursery that will allow us to continue the preservation of agave species endemic to Margarito and Temo’s land.
We believe soil is sacred and it must be cared for. Our sustainability plan includes soil regeneration efforts to create a nutrient rich environment for plant life, to retain water, and to mitigate erosion.
We are in the process of building gabions to act as natural retaining walls in order to help prevent soil erosion and to retain precious organic matter on the land.
A water retention and conservation plan is already in the works. We currently collect rainwater from the palenque that is used to cool stills, water other subsistence crops, and to clean.
Continuing with the water retention and conservation plan, we will build terraces and other earthworks to help direct the flow of water into catchments which will in turn, replenish the groundwater on Margarito and Temo’s land.
Our commitment


We are committed to transparency and expect to be held accountable by the mezcal community at large. If you would like to know more about how we compensate our partners and what we pay per liter, please contact us directly at hola@esfuerzomezcal.com